Monday, July 25

Day to Day

Stylish Baby
My organic produce delivery from a local farm. Waiting on my doorstep!
The goods!
Surprise visit from Aunt Ruthie!

Super Mario Bros cookies

Refreshing salad for lunch

Making lemon-lime-orange-ade!

Fresh flowers on the table


  1. LOVE those super mario cookies... what'd you make them for?? and nice pictures with aunt ruthie!! haha! ;)

  2. ahhh I LOVE This whole post! It makes your home look like a b & b and in which case I'll be your first customer lol.

    I'd always wanted to try the local organic delivery, are you happy with it? Lately I'm spoiled b/c my Mom & Dad grow so many things in their yard.

    Ur lil man sure is stylish! :)

  3. Thanks Maria, I made the cookies for a friend of a friend's son's birthday.
    OMG Erika, you are crazy! You'd be sorely disappointed if you came for a B&B, but thanks lol! I do like the organic delivery, but I don't do it every week because sometimes he has a lot of stuff I don't need every week. So I do it here and there. But it IS so convenient!

  4. so i am laughing because debrans cooking is so a bandb! she has such a talent for baking and cooking! ;) that is so neat about a home delivery of organic geez never herd of such a thing. is that goats milk?

  5. lol...yeah, the home delivery is pretty neat. and yes, that was goat's milk :)

  6. OMG! You didn't tell me you did the cookies! I remember us talking about them! THEY TURNED OUT SO SO GREAT!!!! So glad you DID do them!!! :)

  7. Debran, Can you please do a food blog? I love all gorgeous food!!! And your cookies are amazing! I would love a lesson in cooking :)

    Shannon Lira



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