Wednesday, August 10

Beach Trip

I planned to take my kids to the beach on a particular day, then found out an out of town friend would be in town, so then I started asking around to see who wanted to join us and what luck, it was exactly how one of Daughter's BFF's wanted to spend her birthday! So They planned a little beach birthday and a whole group of us ended up going. It was a lovely day and the kids had such a great time!

Enjoying the scenery

Baby really wanted nothing to do with the water, but was happy as can be playing in the sand.

Eating her sandwich...thanks for the smiles, little lady. ;)

And yah, ever notice how I very rarely have pics of Son looking sweetly into the camera? Well it's because he NEVER stops. So this is what I get. 

Until I shove some food in that kid's face, then I get a face, some food, and no looking at me and smiling. 

Birthday girl was so sweet and brought cupcakes for everyone!

Yeah, that's how you do it

NOW she smiles? :/

"Son, it's easier if you take off the wrapper. You get more cupcake!" 

"Ohh, I see. It's not the cake you're after." ;)

And the lovely birthday girl! Such a fun trip!! Thanks for letting us share your special day :)


  1. Love this! Still need to go to the beach - how sad. I have no excuses when i see your blog and all the fun you STILL have with all three munchkins. You are so much braver than i.

    That first picture is to die for! love it!

  2. Brave woman!! Wow.



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