Saturday, August 6

Happy 5th Birthday

Daughter turned five on the fourth of July. Yeah yeah...I know what the date is. What matters is that we celebrated with her on her actual birthday, it doesn't really matter when I get around to posting for everyone else, right? ;)

Since it's a holiday, Hubby almost always has to work. So we really don't plan much except I make sure that we do exactly what she wants to do, same as the other kids. She got to pick a special cereal, continuing with our birthday tradition. All eating rules go right out the window on their birthdays...I let them eat anything they want, even if they want cotton candy and fruit snacks for dinner. ;) 
They LOVE picking out their cereal and can never believe that they are allowed to pick ANYTHING. She chose Lucky Charms. 
You know what the funny part is, since they are not used to eating sweetened cereal, they usually end up not even liking it all that much. Haha!

Then we let her open her gifts from us...nothing fancy, a doll, an art set, a dress, a couple things like that. She mapped out her schedule for the day and said that she wanted to play with her doll, paint and then play with her brothers. What an easy day?! 

When the boys took a nap she and I made her choice of cake, strawberry, for the second year in a row. She gets to help with everything and she chose to have it in a bundt pan. 

While the cake was baking, Daughter decided to paint a little.

Mmmm...strawberry cake! lol

When Hubby got home, we were just starting dinner. She had requested that we all make our own pizzas, so that we did!! 

Oh, what the heck? Dump it all on there ;)

And after dinner and a little birthday gift delivery from a friend, we sang happy birthday.

After dessert, we put on our jams and loaded up in the car to find the best fireworks show we could. We found a perfect spot on a hill with easy in and out so we wouldn't get caught in traffic and we watched one of the best shows we've ever seen! It was about twenty minutes long! At the finale everyone on the hill cheered and shouted Happy Birthday America. Naturally, Hubby and I inserted Daughter's name along with America and Daughter had the most incredible look on her face. She looked at me and said "I can't believe all these people came to tell me happy birthday!!" I said she must be pretty special. 
I wonder how long I can let her believe that? ;)

A few days later we went to my in-laws for a little birthday dinner

My mother in law went all out this time and had everything decorated so cute!

Singing Happy Birthday again!

Woah there Hubby, try to contain your enthusiasm ;)

Make a wish!

Birthday Girl!

And Baby thoroughly enjoyed the cake :)

Birthdays are some of our favorite memories!! Some of the most simple and amazing moments together!


  1. Wow, I can't believe she is 5! I remember when she was born and getting a text from Raeanne. Time flys :)

  2. Awe, these are such special pictures and memories!! You did a GREAT job at capturing the day! I love the one of hubby throwing the pizza and the bunt cakes looks delicious.

    She is totally loved. I love the low-keyness of it all. Now if only I could get on board with LOW-KEY...



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