Friday, July 1

Hometown Tour

I am linking up with Melissa at Huckleberry Prairie for her Parade of Towns party. I was a little hesitant because I try to keep my locations vague for safety reasons. So I am going to do it but also keep my tour vague, just covering some of my favorite spots around where I live rather than my actual hometown. Although I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's hometowns! I'm just strange like that.

Anywho...on to my tour...

There is no shortage of historic buildings anywhere around me...shops, restaurants, museums, name it. I love finding these little gems, an old shop here, a run down barn there, a small factory or a cluster of old farmhouses. It makes me think of the way things were then and the people that lived in and operated these buildings originally.

Some of the views are breathtaking. And you don't have to go to special spots or drive far to see God's majesty. It just unfolds right there.

It's only about an hour to some really nice beaches. You can find quiet coves that are clean and smell fresh or busy, bustling beaches displaying the kick-back and ever-loved beach life.

An hour or so drive in the other direction will take you to crystal skies and lakes like mirrors. Mountains reaching high to the heavens, pushing above the clouds. I love the mountains and always feel so calm and peaceful there. Nature is at it's fullest and God seems just a little closer. ;)

 Historic architecture and museums are a plenty in all directions.

And if I ever get the itch to feel like a smashed sardine, it's not too far to jump on a jam-packed interstate. Nothing makes you feel a little more connected with mankind than three hours of traffic covering a twenty mile stretch. ;)

But really these are the things I love... seeing rows and rows of crops, grapes, citrus, hay.

Going to fun festivals and competitions like the fair or sand castle competitions. Isn't this amazing?! I've seen a few incredible ones in my day, but I found this one online...amazing.

Seeing hot air balloons early in the morning. When I was a child they would often wake us in the morning, the sound of the firing up. And they'd often land on our property. I took a couple rides too and they are just incredible.

God has put me in a wonderful place to live right now, and I am so thankful for it! I hope He moves us around so I can experience more of this great big beautiful world filled with so many Home Towns.


  1. Whoa! Totally blown away by these shots! Amazing chica! I never knew it was so beautiful there! Crazy since I'm only thirty miles or so away. And well, hello there. It's been while. Hope all is well!

  2. Haha...thanks lady. I can't take credit for all the shots though, only some. I snagged a few. ;)

  3. Gotta love Southern parts of Cali huh?

    I've always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride but I'm scarred I think I would chicken out.

    Neat post I enjoyed this :)

  4. Of course you gotta love so cal! So much to do all so close by!
    Neat pics. Where is that one at the beach? That looks like a neat place.



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