Friday, July 22


In June, we were lucky to have my mom visit from Oklahoma. She was here for a week and we were her only plans! It was so fun and so nice to spend so much time with her!

One of the days, we decided to head to the local blueberry farm and do some picking! We had a great time and definitely enjoyed the fruit of our labor. There is NOTHING like blueberries, right off the bush, warm in the sun. YUM!


  1. local blueberry farm? say whhhatt? I didn't know there was a local blueberry farm. Temecula? I need deets, Noah would LOVE this! We're both berry lovers
    CUTE photos!

  2. Did the kids like it? It looks like they did from the pictures. I would love to take Jake to do that but he probably wouldn't be able to see the blueberries. Have you ever gone strawberry picking? That is something I've always wanted to do.

  3. Erika, the blueberry farm is closed until next year. :( But it is SO fun! Next year we'll go ;)
    Kim, yeah, we've gone a few times and the kids always love it! The blueberries are heavenly! We've never gone strawberry picking but I've wanted to do that also. They have those all over too!



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