Friday, July 22

Dinner at 8

I was reading another blog and she and a friend came up with this great idea to consistently plan date nights at home for their hubby's. Every other week, they are making some sort of nice dinner or dessert or whatever suits their fancy and scheduling a date night in at 8. How cute?! I think I am going to give this a try! We do date nights in all the time, but they are always just casual, hanging out, impromptu. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but how much more intentional is it to schedule an evening, get the kids to bed, get spruced up, set the table and have a lovely evening together? Go check out their ideas here and keep your eyes peeled for my own Dinner at 8 posts. ;)


  1. Adam and me planned on doing this every wedneSday night. It lastEd two weeks... It takes a lot more effort than if you were to go out. I have a huge long list of ideas- I can email it.

    Have fun you may like it better- then we could
    Switch off Blogging about it

  2. It seems like it will take more effort...but leave less excuses! haha! I'm only planning to do it once or twice a month. Yeah, send me your list, I'd love to see!



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