Monday, May 16

Gifts 377-438

A new day
Intimate Birthday parties
Footie pajamas
Haircuts at home
Cast iron
Wooden spoons
Hours of baking
Hubby cooking dinner
half-priced Coffee drinks
New Baby words
Cleaning out craft "room"
My chaos
Hubby teasing me about being scatter-brained
Wreaths: rag, tulle, floral, balloon...I love them!
Son's face as family and friends sing Happy Birthday
Birthday cereal
Birthday traditions
Warm weather 
Water toys
Child's excitement and gratitude for a gift
Stepping on toys ;)
The whoosh of the dishwasher at night
Smell of fabric softener
Finding something with ease, thanks to the few and far moments when I am actually organized
Little shoes
Cloth diapers (sometimes-heehee)
organic food (I may have mentioned it before)
Yogurt covered pretzels- FROZEN
Homemade birthday banners of felt
Five layers of perfect party cake
Hubby's talented catering work
The Trash Man
Getting ready for Kindergarten
Smudges on the windows and mirrors
Never ending hand prints on the TV
marker lines on the wall
Knowing that will all stop someday ;)
Non-stop joking when Hubs is home
Grilled Mahi tacos for lunch
vegetarian dinners
eleven hours of prepping, baking and cooking with hubby
crazy love
learning from the wisdom of those that have gone before me
shelves lined with books
toys left under the kitchen table
morning cuddles
sunlight spilling through the blinds in the morning
play dates
Cinco de mayo party at the park
Daughter's prayers; gratitude for her "squishy baby brother like a chicken"
Somehow, my family's needs met, each and every day
Son saying "I like Jesus. He's my friend."


  1. haha I'm happy so see I am not the only one that loves Groupon.



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