Monday, April 11


The weather is glorious.
It's been glorious for a couple days and is supposed to stay glorious for a  while. Ahhh....thank you Lord.
I wanted to write
so badly.
Couldn't really pick an exact topic.
Didn't really want to do a family post.
Thought it's been a long time since I've really had a good ramble.
Unless you consider all my posts rambling,
in which case, I'm so sorry and I don't know why you're still here reading.
Maybe I should really ramble more often.
I think if I do, I will always have my page be on the left side...
I like it.
It seems very ramble-ish.
So awesome that they didn't underline ramble-ish to tell me it's wrong.
Seriously, awesome.
So my family is still driving me nuts.
My mother in law told my kids she'd take them to the circus today.
They were thrilled.
Then she left me a message telling me that my brother in law
(the one that's not talking to me because his girlfriend is mad at me because I wasn't totally okay with some of her "habits" around my kids when they were staying with us)
just called and needs a ride home from work so that was probably gonna ruin her plans with the kids.
Let me just point out that the reason he needs a ride is so that his girlfriend can use his truck every day as much as she wants, here there and everywhere, working, meeting with friends, whatever, and not have to worry about stopping what she's doing to go get him.,
I thought it was a killer reason to bail on your grandkids too.
She also told Hubs yesterday that we give our kids too many choices. 
That's a whole other post.
Okay, enough whining about family.
I'll do that on another post too.
My neighbor and I decided to mesh our
 side yards in the front, where they meet and make a garden.
It's gonna be fabulous.
We spent a good portion of the day 
ripping up plants and weeds and clearing out the area.
I'm excited.
You know what else I'm excited about? 
My new friend.
She's awesome.
She's part me, 
part something way cooler than me.
Her kids are adorable.
She's got a nifty blog that I love reading.
And she calls just to say hi.
How cool is that?
And the people at Starbucks may or may not 
think that there is more to our story.
We might have told them we met on the Internet,
and it could have possibly sounded a little strange.
Eh, whatever. ;)
I was talking with a friend last night
about what she would do with her kids
if something were to ever happen to herself and her husband.
Hubs and I talk about this a lot.
We still don't really know.
Asking someone to take on three kids is a lot.
And it's not just about trust.
We don't want to overburden someone, 
financially, emotionally, mentally, physically.
It's a lot of work.
I wish I would have thought more about
all that for myself.
I kid, I kid. 
But really...we think about health issues,
location, finances, personal struggles, religion, values, age,
how many kids they may already have of their own...the list goes on.
Do you have all that worked out? Where would your kids go? And why?
Speaking of this, my mom was recently going over her will and all that and was talking to me about it.
She mentioned that my Aunt would get
her dogs and x amount of money/yr to take care of them.
I hadn't even thought of the pets.
I told her I would just make it easy and leave
our neighbor with enough gas money to
drive them to a rescue.
Is that sad?
I got a lot of guff last night because my female dog used to
be my baby.
Then I had a baby.
Now my dog is my dog 
and my baby is my baby.
Why am I crazy for this?
I don't get it!
Should you not be allowed to have a dog 
unless you are willing to dress it,
walk it through Macy's and snuggle with it in your satin sheets at night?
I feed them, walk them, train them, clean up after them
and kindly put them to bed in the garage every night. 
What more am I supposed to do?!
Next pet: a chia pet.
Okay, I have rambled enough. 
Have a fabulous day, all!


  1. Awe sweet girl! Thanks for the blog love! I am free to chat most the time and I loved talkin'! These rambles are fun to read!

  2. haha omg please ramble more often. and please, dress your dog. and video tape it. because that would be a 100,000 dollar winner.

  3. haha!! your "ramble" blog made me laugh... and the picture of your dogs being dressed up and walking thru Macy's is a funny picture in my head! :) I'm glad you and your friend met... she sounds fabulous!! :)



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