Saturday, April 30


Ever have those "off" streaks. Those days that seem to line up and throw anything they can muster at you? Those days that you just look at and feel defeated right away? Those days when everything you touch seems to crumble and fall apart?
I am naturally scatter-brained, clumsy, forgetful, all things NOT full of grace. But usually I manage to hold it together and keep the ball rolling. Not the last couple days. The ball has stopped. Or maybe I've stopped trying. Maybe I'm just stuck. I don't know. I just know that I'm having an off streak.
I've been going to bed WAY too late and getting up WAY too early.
I'm putting off projects that have deadlines fast approaching.
I didn't eat ANYTHING good for me yesterday and this morning and have been feeling it.
I haven't gone for a bike ride when I've had the chance, I've gone on facebook or blog-hopped.
I washed my car, really well, only to drive right through a construction site and get mud splattered all over my car. Within an hour of washing it.
I procrastinated saving the pics from my memory card to my computer.
Then I lost my camera.
I did not handle hubby's frustration with grace.
I've been an impatient and frustrated mom.
I've been a lazy homemaker.
I forgot about a load of laundry in the wash for over a day. Ew.
I haven't showered in a day.
I burned cinnamon rolls this morning.
Son was up at midnight having a very hard time breathing. Breathing treatment time.
Then after he went back to bed, he was up every twenty or thirty minutes until five-thirty when he and Daughter got up for the day.
I didn't make them breakfast this morning. I gave them a banana and cereal in a bag on the couch in front of the TV.
I feel like crying.
Baby is teething...or something. He's just grumpy.
The weeds in my yard are out of control. I've been neglecting them this week.
I didn't check my email often enough and missed out on an order on ETSY.
Did I mention I lost my camera? And I feel like crying?
I am supposed to make potato salad for a friend tonight and still have not checked to make sure I have everything I need.
I made it to the flower fields with only forty minutes to close and had to run all around trying to see everything.
Son coughed so hard from an asthma episode that he threw up all over at the flower fields.
I lost my camera at the flower fields. Running. With five kids. :(

My first solution was to go back to bed. To feel sorry for myself. To hide in my house/room all day. Now I think I'm just gonna pray.
I'm just having an off streak.
I would take a picture and show you this very real, very undesirable tangled and dirty hair, the kitchen strewn with empty cups, an open cheerio box, and empty juice carton. I would snap a pic of the couch piled high with laundry. Laundry that's been waiting to be put away for two days. I would show you the jungle of weeds in my backyard, the dog run that needs to be cleaned, the outside toys all over the place. I would take a picture of my charred cinnamon rolls, usually divine, extra black and crispy today. I would have no problem showing you this disaster I'm calling life right now. Except...I lost my camera. Yeah, I sure did.
I'm done venting now.
Don't judge.
Well, judge if you want.
I'll get over it. ;)


  1. Wow... I'm shocked. It seems you may actually be a real person! You're having a hard time and that's ok. You're just a person. You also happen to be an incredible friend, mother, wife, and light in most people's lives, but you are just a person. It's ok to have an off time once in a while. We won't think any less of you ;)

  2. i'm so sorry you're feeling this way. although, i feel like i can relate to more than half of it. i know what it's like to lose pictures, and words can't even describe it. it's made me into the paranoid picture saver i am today. let me know if you need anything, or help with anything.
    p.s. you are the greatest mom, wife and friend! we all have these "off" times.

  3. ha! So I'm not the only one....sigh!

    You are one tough cookie!!! Hang in there, and keep smiling... God will get you through.

  4. I can relate, everyone can and what everyone has already said is true. Hope you can catch a break and FIND that camera ;) see ya tonight! If you need a hand with the kids while you run to the store or anything let me know!

  5. Oh man.... Can i relate to this post... well not the "mommy" parts, but the feeling off, feeling like crying because everything is "wrong", burning food, laundry out of control parts... ALL OF THEM!! Off days are what make us human though... and you my friend are one of my heroes, you mommy's make it all look so easy! I have no idea how you people with 3 kids do it... ;) The potato salad was delicious by the way! and I will say a special prayer for that camera of yours tonight... ;) I betcha it's just "hiding" and someone will find it and turn it in! I know how you feel, I lost mine and was DEVASTATED for days... :( and I agree with jessica you're a GREAt mom, wife and friend! :) Unfortunately "Off" days happen, BUT I'm usually just down the road if you need a little break... ;) you know to get yogurt by yourself, or just aboutgo anywhere by yourself! all you have to do is call! :)



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