Saturday, April 30


Prayer is hard. Why? I have no idea. Why is it SO difficult to talk to God? Other than when I'm mad, sad, frustrated, needy, sending up a shout-out for a friend or family member. Why can't I just WANT to talk to Him? All the time? Ugh. This is a problem of mine. I have a hard time making it a regular part of my day. I pray with the kids before bed and pray when I hear or have a prayer request. Awesome, huh? Inspiring? Yah, didn't think so.

Well my seriously awesome friend Christine just posted such a great post about this very subject and what has helped her cultivate this part of her relationship with Christ. If you've ever thought that your prayer/devotional life could use a little work, read this post. I think you'll find it as useful and full of blessing as I did. Thanks, Christine!

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