Thursday, April 28

Gifts 320-365

Park time with friends
Splashing water turtles
Caravan errands with friends
enjoying treats and quiet in the parking lot
Spontaneous play dates
Running in the sprinklers
Spraying the hose in the house window- on accident, reminding mom of being a child
Good days, turned bad. Forcing me to HIS feet, begging for forgiveness
The privilege of being a parent to His children
Frozen yogurt with berries
Frozen yogurt twice in a day
The kids exclaims about the sunset painted across the sky
Last minute, past bedtime family treat runs
Riding bikes with kids
Daughter eating a carrot, and being so excited about it!
Tiny fingernails
Identical feet of siblings
Crazy sunscreen hair
Baby's creative ways to play with toys
Food Inc and the control of my nutrition that it has spurred me to take
Reusable shopping bags...hopefully soon I'll remember to bring them with me
Crafts with Daughter
Hunger for His word
Anticipation for church
Anger, frustration, bitterness...leaving nothing else to do than pray
Realizing that in order to show true gratitude for what I have been blessed, I must be a blessing
Baby's incredible love for Daddy
Watching trash truck from window
Running to wave hello
Picking flowers for neighbor
Listening to kids' Bible songs in the car
Daughter's pride in her artwork
Son's sweet play with Baby
Brotherly love
Calm after the storm
Proverbs 27
New flip flops
Peals of giggles in the car
Building forts
Solving mysteries in the backyard
Chasing butterflies
Pulling weeds
Packages on the doorstep

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