Thursday, April 28

Pizza Time!

One of those nights...hadn't planned dinner...hadn't done much shopping. :/
I pulled some flatbread out of the freezer and decided on pizza! 

Cracked open a jar of roasted garlic spaghetti sauce. So great for dinner in a hurry! Be careful what jarred sauces you keep on hand though, always read the ingredients. There should really only be a handful of ingredients and NO sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Check yours and see what you have. I personally love Trader Joe's brand and Fresh and Easy brand sauces. so tasty, so wholesome, good price.
Spread with fat free mozzarella cheese and some leftover grilled chicken, thinly sliced.
And Pulled out an old stand-by. Artichoke hearts. I ALWAYS have a couple jars of these on hand. They are fabulous for making a stuffing for bell peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes, sprucing up a salad and throwing on a pizza, just to name a few!
After the chx, cheese and artichokes, I felt like we still needed something, so I rummaged through my fridge and found a medley that hubby had made the night before: butternut and acorn squash and onions, roasted! Perfect...I tossed those right on the pizzas.
Except for the kids...they just wanted chx and cheese. So I smashed a little squash and spread it around with the sauce. They never knew the difference. :)
Threw the pizzas on a VERY lightly oiled (olive or grapeseed) baking sheet and popped in oven at 400 for about ten or fifteen minutes. YUM YUM!


  1. mmmmm...these look delightful! i would like one immediately!

  2. We use those for pizzas too! Try the fresh mozzarella log at TJ's... Yum!!!
    I like the artichokes one!

  3. mmmm.... that artichoke one looks familiar... and sounds mighy tasty!! ;) i'd like one too... I can meet you at Jessica's if that would make it easier! ;) haha!

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