Tuesday, April 19

Gifts 235-255

Toes in the sunshine
Listening to the hum of neighbor's mowers
Apple blossoms bobbing in the breezes
Tonka trucks still, left after play
A ladybug climbing blades of grass
 The airplanes soaring overhead
The chirping conversation of birds to each other
Empty swings, swaying in the wind
The song of the ice cream truck
The bells on a child's bike
Wedding anniversaries
White roses
Climbing Jasmine and it's wonderful fragrance
Visits to the Easter Bunny
Easter egg hunts
Ice cream sandwiches
Talking with my children about the true Easter story
the sadness in Daughter and son's eyes when I tell them how Jesus died for us.
The joy they have when I tell them how Jesus is alive again
Prayers that I may remember how simple it is: To be sad for His death and joyful for His life.

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