Wednesday, April 20

If my Mom were a blogger...

We'd be in trouble.
We may or may not understand what she is talking about, well maybe just may or may not relate to  what she it talking about.
What would she blog about??
She would blog about cleaning, throwing parties and dropping kids off around the country. ;)
She would blog about her new kids, her little pupsies.
She would regularly send me her posts to spell-check them. She would probably get bored actually blogging, but have a hella fun time reading other peoples' blogs!

Some of her posts about cleaning would most definitely include tips such as using Q-tips and inexpensive make-up brushes to clean out the little grooves in furniture and picture frames.

Perhaps she'd even share a picture or two of my sister and I doing such cleaning as children. She may have advice for parents on different ways to occupy their children from sunup to sundown on the weekends. One of those ideas would assuredly be to have them pick up the leaves in a large planter or small yard. Preferably during the fall, where it would really take ALL day long to find each leaf, but if such time-consuming activity were needed other times of year, she would suggest that parents not be above climbing a tree in secret and shaking the branches violently or swatting it with a long broom before sending the kids out.
 Yes, my mother really knows how to clean up and keep kids occupied. And she'd be more than happy to share her secrets, if she were a blogger.

Oh and for parties...she throws fabulous parties. Mix one part fun theme complete with costumes with equal parts alcohol and tasty food (usually themed also) and another part live music and BAM! You've got yourself a party to talk about.

 Or blog about, rather. Yeah, she goes all out on her parties. Live music always a must. But I should explain, she generally needs to look no further than my Dad's home recording studio. Oh yeah...some sweet versions of Tom Petty and Cat Stevens come oozing out of that room along with a little original or two.

One of his famous ones is called "Like a fish." Uh could google it if you want to. But you don't need to. Really. It's not there. He's awesome and loves to entertain. And he's so humble too. You practically have to beg him, bribe him almost to get him to show you his recording studio (read: empty bedroom with egg crate mattress padding glued to walls). But once he's there, don't even think about pulling him away. He's "Like a fish" back in water. ;)

So I'm sure if my mom were a blogger, she'd be the top hit on every party blog in blogworld.
You thought I was exaggerating...

She may possibly blog about my kids, they happen to call her Grandma-mother. But only if she ran out of things to say about Bella and Bentley (the Pupsies).

One thing is for sure, once you got past some occasional spelling errors, all the ridiculous Pooch talk, the cleaning OCD and the party menagerie, you'd see one thing that would make you LOVE her.

You'd see why I'm so incredibly beautiful awesome wonderful... Uh, you'd see that she's pretty cool. Ah...if only my mom were a blogger.

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  1. yay! I'm so glad you linked up with mama kat! I was tempted to write about this one too but then I realized my mom might read it haha. eek!m you're mama sounds like a riot and now I want her to come clean my house ;)

  2. ha that cartoon drawing is DEF my Mom!! Hilarious.

    Very sweet post :)

  3. If her blog was full of cleaning tips I would pass it on to my kids so they knew what they were doing. The costume picture with the cat and the liquor are hilarious.

  4. great writing..has me smiling and wishing i was going to a party!!



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