Tuesday, April 5

Gifts 131-159

One thousand Gifts, the book, and how God has used it to speak to me.
Cool breezes
Funny exchanges with baby
Long talks with girlfriends
my salvation
a husband to pray for
friends, that pray for my husband
Real maple syrup
Healthy food stores
Seeing the baby goats
My prayer basket
Family prayers at dinner and bedtime
Spring scents
Rootbeer floats
Clean sheets
hands to hold
my Bible, the picture of my searching
The aching and empty feeling, spurring me to seek more
Grandma's kitchenaid, still going strong
sidewalk chalk
dinner with neighbors, the warmth of gathering and working together to share a meal
three hour talks with a new friend, completely uninterrupted and wonderful
hope for what tomorrow holds
texting, for those times I couldn't hear whoever would be calling
smiles from strangers
the sweet old lady talking to baby at the store
son's beautiful blue eyes

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