Tuesday, April 5

Dear Disney...

To whom it may concern:

As you are likely aware, Tangled was recently released to Blu-Ray and DVD. Myself, like 68 gazillion other mothers who loved the movie and bought the doll in secret with little girls who adored the movie and got the doll for Christmas, just spent three hours trying to print the coupon, braved the crowds at Wal-Mart, survived a slight mugging and car-keying episode in the parking lot and incredibly made it home with the treasured disc, safe and sound. We have now spent about 5700 minutes watching or at the very least, listening to this movie. 5700 is playing the 100 minute film 57 times in the last week it has been in our possession.
As of yet, none of this poses a problem. In fact, it has actually improved quality of life in a few areas.
I tell my flowers to "gleam and glow." They are working on it.
My kids run around chanting singing "mother knows best," and I have started referring to myself as Mumsy.
They have requested parsnip soup for dinner.
Son no longer screams to be let inside Daughter's room, but rather yells "Rapunzel-(insert sister's name here), let down your ha-air!" To which she always eagerly obliges.
All in all, it has really brought a new warmth to our home. However, there are a few new changes that I would like to bring to your attention.

Daughter often hangs her hair over the edge of the couch and pulls it. When asked what she is doing, she responds, quite matter of fact, "I'm making my hair grow, mommy."
There may be clumps missing due to excessive pulling.

I find her singing the "Healing song" all the time. She told me she is working on getting her hair to glow. She also said "she's almost got it, it's almost there."

Everyday she asks if she can "get married and live happily ever after today?"
umm...soon, darling, soon.

She no longer wears shoes. Why? Well, Rapunzel never wore shoes and she did just fine running through forests, scaling towers, darting and leaping around a rock quarry/dam and dancing in the streets.

She loves to paint now. she's always loved to paint, but now she paints our house. Paints ON the actual house. Mm-kay.

She has not slept in her bed for four nights. She has instead slept on the floor. She insists that it is "SO comfy" and that Rapunzel slept on the floor.

Last night when I was tucking her into the floor, she kicked all her blankets off and said she did not need them. I asked her what she needed and she said, I just need a couple minutes. Then she started to pull her hair again while singing the "Healing song." She said that if she could just get it a little longer she could wrap herself in her hair to keep warm, just like Rapunzel.

Oh and one of my favorites, she is absolutely insisting that no more visits to the Doctor will be necessary for any of us and no one needs any medicine or vitamins. Her hair and the healing power it "almost" has is going to get us by.

Thank you so much Disney, for bringing these fairy tales to life and for giving my darling Daughter a dream. A dream to live barefoot, pull her hair until it reaches the proper length and give up sleeping in beds.
I just wanted you to know the impact you have on children everywhere and that
I'll be sending you the medical bills for the nail in her foot, her scarred hair follicles and her screwed up back that I'm pretty sure her hair isn't going to heal.
PS You guys did a great job with this movie, Tangled is for sure one of my favorites now.


  1. bahahahahah! I am literally on the floor laughing.

  2. omg funny shnit!! Love it. I love that little girls finally have a cute movie! It seems like all the kid movies lately are geared towards boys. cars, toy story, etc.



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