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I wrote this story last year on my family blog, but thought I'd post it again for those that didn't read it.

When my mom was younger she went to a psychic with friends, not intending to get anything out of it, just messing around with friends. The psychic told my mother she'd have two daughters, one would be hard headed and stubborn, learning everything the hard way. And one would marry young and never want or need for anything and would wear pearls around her neck. Well, my mother doesn't believe too much of that stuff and I'm not big on it either. But it's hard to forget sometimes what that woman told my mom and how things have played out. If you know or have heard much about my sister, you know which daughter she is. Hard headed and stubborn is an understatement and I think she owns property on the Hard Way Highway. 
Love to you sister...xoxo

The other daughter (yours truly) was always a bit more difficult to figure out. 
My mom always thought it meant that I was to end up with a wealthy man and live a life of luxury. 
Not quite. :)

One time Kenny and I took a trip to Las Vegas. We were shopping and decided to pick our own oyster at the Pearl Factory. Everyone was getting a pearl, cute little white ones and every once in a while someone would get really excited because they got one with a faint blush to it. Well we got ours and opened it up and the employee, Kenny and myself all gasped in unison. In this oyster was the most beautiful, almost black with a tiny hue of green, peacock pearl. 
It was stunning. 
We picked out an equally gorgeous, simple, but unique necklace setting and I walked away with a pearl around my neck. 
That was almost five years ago and I think I took the necklace off three times.
I have always loved this necklace because the sentiment and unique simplicity of it was just incredible.

And then, about a year ago, I thought about what that psychic said so many years ago.
And here I am, by no means monetarily wealthy, but I want for nothing. I have everything I need and more. I married young and am incredibly happy in my marriage.
And I wear a pearl around my neck.

Well, the most recent time I took off my necklace was when my friend Jessica gave me a mother's necklace as a thank  you gift. It's the ridiculously adorable mama bird necklace from Vintage Pearl. Anyway, I LOVED it and have been wanting a mother's necklace to alternate with my black pearl necklace. So swoon I did and I swapped them right then and there. I slipped my other necklace into the jewelry pouch that the new one came in and put it back in the gift bag. Thank you Jess, again! xoxo

I wore the momma bird necklace for a few days and then had an engagement party to go to and wanted to wear my other necklace. I still had not taken it out of the jewelry pouch to put it in my jewelry box, so I went to where I had left the gift bag. Huh. It wasn't there. I didn't have time to look so I made a mental note to ask Kenny later. Perhaps he had moved the bag so that the kids wouldn't get into it.

A couple days later I remembered to ask Kenny.

"Hey honey, did you see that brown gift bag by my nightstand?"

"I think I remember seeing it, did you lose it?" he responds, somewhat defensively.

"I think I did, I don't remember moving it."

"Was it important? Wasn't it an empty bag?"

"Uhh, yeah. It was kinda important. No, it wasn't empty."

"What was in it?"

"My necklace."

"WHAT?! Why was your necklace in a trash bag?"

At this point I explained what happened and he was acting really upset, almost angry. I couldn't believe that he was getting so heated about MY necklace. He went downstairs to look in the trash. I KNEW I didn't throw the bag away and thought I would have noticed it in the trash if the kids had tossed it.

I started just cleaning and going through everything in every room, just in case. Of course by this point I was an emotional mess and crying wondering why I had to be so disorganized and dumb! Kenny came back in and said he had no luck. He hugged me and responded exactly the way I had originally thought he would. He said we'd buy a new necklace and that it wasn't my fault.
I said I didn't want a new necklace
(looking back now, I shouldn't have said that, I definitely should have played that card..heehee)
and that it was my fault. It was my fault for not putting it away where it belonged right away.

Kenny looked down a bit sheepishly and said "It's my fault. I remember throwing the bag away. It was just a plain brown bag, so I thought it was trash."

Note to self: Men don't realize that rustic, crafty, vintage, simple things can be things that we would buy and use to wrap gifts. Unless it's a metallic purple bag with cellophane balloons and multi -color tissue paper, it looks like a trash bag to him. Grr...

I wasn't mad at him at all, it was just a silly mistake.
I did ask him where the dump was and if it would be worth trying out some dumpster diving.
Then I imagined that. 
I decided against it. 
So that's the end of my peacock pearl necklace. 
I was really bummed, but I'm okay now. 
And I really love the necklace I lost it for. The mama bird necklace. The mama bird has three little white pearls for her babies. 
So I'm still fulfilling my future as told by the psychic. 
I'm still happily married, want for nothing and wear (three) pearls around my neck. :)

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