Saturday, February 5

Simply the Best

Trying to be the best I can be...

Last year for my New Year's resolution I decided to better myself as a wife and mother. I thought about this today and realized I really needed to remind myself and keep working on it. I wanted to focus on making my home into a haven, a soft place to land for everyone in our family. I wanted to create an environment built on love and values, but also an efficient and smooth operating unit. So I have been working hard on organizing, cleaning, and decorating here and there to make my home more organized and less hectic and more appealing visually. However, I put all my energy into that area that I forgot that I also needed to focus on myself, considering I am a huge influence on how my home operates and the atmosphere and mood within these four walls, especially being a stay-at-home mom. 

I was watching Dr. Phil when I had my "ah-ha" moment. Dr. Phil was counseling a newlywed couple with a whole slew of problems. And of course, I was sitting there folding laundry and snacking on goldfish shaking my head and agreeing with Dr. Phil aloud. 
I'm sure I was also thinking "Jeez...get it together people!" or, "Oh my, how horrible!!" all the while. Then Dr. Phil's time came to give his advice and while I was expecting a huge spill and a ten step program or consider divorce speech, he calmly and simply told them that they just needed to put each other first. Well, of course, I thought! But Dr. Phil, aren't you going to really ride that woman for being so nit-picky and unloving to her husband or tell that man that you didn't just fall off the turnip truck when he pulls out a million excuses for his behaviour? No??
To say I wasn't slightly disappointed would be stretching the truth a tad. 
:/  Am I the only SAHM that truly feels she NEEDS a little daily dose of entertaining drama? I'll  add that to my list of things to work on. *sigh*
Dr. Phil told them that each and every morning, the first thing they should think about it "How can I make my wife/husband's LIFE better TODAY?" Perhaps it's just me, but it really hit me! I realized that I definitely do not think of that first thing, and when I do finally get around to thinking about Hubby's life, it very rarely is followed by me making a list of things to do to benefit him beyond making dinner and sorting his socks!! ;o) 
It's more like explaining why I was punching him in the arm all night...if he would just stay on HIS side of the bed!! I mean, Cal King here people! Come on!! I'm getting ready to go all Ricky and Lucy Ricardo on him! 
I love him so very much and we are blessed to have a strong relationship, but what a neat thing to think about every day to try to show him how much I care and to make it an attainable goal: improving his LIFE one day at a time!

What do you do as a little daily act of showing your loved one how important they are? Do you do something daily? Weekly? 

PS I am not entirely joking about the whole twin bed idea. We could just push them together if we needed to and we could look like this when we wake up:

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