Saturday, February 19

Gifts 30-45

Smooth and creamy white mochas, with the steam curling up and over the brim of the cup. A clean car thanks to a thoughtful hubby. Big, white, fluffy clouds against a crisp blue backdrop, providing a stunning canvas for the day to unfold. Tasty and convenient samples to keep the kids wiggles at bay in Costco. ;) A kind and helpful friend, lending her skill as a nurse to remove son's sutures. Safety scissors to ease my worry a little without stifling my kids' creativity. Bakery items from the day old rack and a chest freezer to keep them in, one way we try to make what we've been given stretch. The quiet and silly baby babbles as my baby learns to talk. The cute, yet dangerous, rows of itty bitty white teeth peering behind those perfect pink lips when my baby flashes his sweet smile. The construction paper that lines the walls of our playroom, boasting the drawings of my children, a glimpse at the world through their eyes. Thank you cards, a symbol of gratitude. The high-pitched and contagious baby giggles that bubble up from deep in his little baby belly, spilling out and sharing happiness with everyone fortunate enough to hear. Love those giggles. 

Thank you Lord for your gifts to me...I'm in awe that you allow me the pleasure, the opportunity, just the chance, to wake up each morning and open my eyes to what gifts you have for me. 
What have I done to deserve these blessings? 
There are so many, yet I know that there are even more that I have not allowed you to show me. 
Help me to see your gifts in every moment, every circumstance, so that I may experience your joy

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