Sunday, February 20


I am exploring the concept of gratitude while reading One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. I've discovered so many incredible things, concepts that I have never taken so much time to ponder so deeply. None of it is groundbreaking, there are no new theories being discovered. In fact, it's really just simplifying the truth, narrowing the facts.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
Being discontent is truly the grounds for our own misery. When we can look God in the face, when we are surrounded by His grace, gifts, glories each and every day and yet, somehow we say no. We tell Him that what He has offered us is not good enough and we would prefer to continue on our own, without His grace. We are discontent with the life He set before us and are positive that we are entitled to and deserve more. Yet, we spend ample moments of our fleeting lives, searching, wandering, silently pleading for what we want more of. We don't know. We course down several different paths, each leading us to darkness, loneliness, emptiness. We still want, no yearn for more. And because we believe that what God had for us was less than sufficient, we doubt His love for us. How could He truly love me and allow me to feel so hurt and aching? The truth is, He cannot force us to accept His gifts. They are there, we just have to let Him reveal them to us.
Truly, ingratitude is the beginning of all sin. Satan wanted more and persuaded Adam and Eve that they too were being slighted. And thus, the snowball continues. All the ugliness in our lives can be traced back to a moment or many of ingratitude and discontentment. We are empty, yearning to be full. We are angry and distrusting, hoping to feel love. We are weak and needing strength.

So what does God desire for us? In 1 Corinthians 2:7, we see that God's desire and purpose for us is and always has been to bring us to our FULL glory. Isn't that what we are all striving for, in one way or another? And the most incredible thing about His plan, His gift for us, is that it is a free one. We do not have to owe Him anything. He wants to give us grace if we but just accept it. And not just once, but He desires to constantly fill us! An active verb....continually filling, an act of filling. We are not just filled with grace, but are always being filled with grace! Should we choose to accept the gift.
Once we accept this gift, we will be able to live our lives with grace and joy overflowing! However, it requires trust. Trusting in Him in times of sorrow and pain as well as peace and sunshine. Knowing, or rather accepting, that we cannot and do not understand the mysteries of yesterday, today or tomorrow, but that He does. That is difficult and requires incredible faith.

Where do we find this faith, trust that stems from contentment and gratitude?
I'm learning that this comes from being able to recognize God's graces in my mundane, every day life. That is where the list of gifts comes in. I will continue to journal about my discoveries and what God is revealing to me through his word and the book, One Thousand Gifts. Stay tuned! :)

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic book, think I might need to read it. Thanks for sharing :)



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