Sunday, December 4

Last Day

On our last day in Oklahoma, we had pictures taken which turned out to be quite the experience. My kids were RIDICULOUS. As you'll see for yourselves. Then we had a lovely brunch at my parent's fave restaurant.

Please just take a moment to examine my kids' faces and body language in the following photos. They are definitely NOT good at posed pictures.

Myself, my mom and my sister

Later my Dad and Son went fishing in their pond

And THEN... I was SO fortunate to be able to meet up with Kari, from My Life as Mommy and Wife. Hers was one of the first blogs I started reading and she was one of my first readers. We've been blog friends for a couple years now, so it was SO awesome to be able to meet her in person. She lives in Oklahoma too, so meeting her was on my list of "MUST DO'S." And oh my goodness, she was just as sweet in person as she sounds on her blog. And her voice was so soft and adorable, exactly as I had it playing in my head. Kari, it was so lovely meeting you!!

Nevermind my worried expression here. I have no idea why my face does that. :/
Myself, Daughter and Kari

My parents have a HUGE double shower in their bathroom and the kids thought it was the most amazing thing. Naturally their little cherub fannies were too cute for me to ignore, so please excuse the child nudity that follows. :)

 Baby HATED the shower, but loved watching the big kids and rolling around on the furry rug in the bathroom.

The view from their tub...ahhh...I'd love to sink into this tub with some bubbles and a good book

Dance party in the shower


  1. You captured some great photos!

  2. Haha! Your kiddos are so funny! Love the expressions!

    And thank you for those very sweet words. It was such an honor to meet you and your family!

  3. Omg! I can't stop cracking up at all those shower pictures! Priceless girl. They are gonna kill you one day! lol!



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