Sunday, December 4

Day Five

Okay time to play some serious catch up on the family part of this here blog...feel free to tune out for a while. Although, my kids are pretty cute ;)

While we were visiting my parents, we were able to celebrate my mom's birthday. My parents had a few friends with children close to my kids' age, so they all had a fabulous time running around like crazy outside. It was so neat to watch them all playing, climbing trees, finding snake skins, visiting the horses...just roaming around playing with rocks and sticks. They had so much room and you could just see their imaginations going! No fancy playgrounds, no iphones or ipads, no scooters and big wheels...just the kids, nature and their imaginations. It seemed like the way it's supposed to be. :)

lol...awesome cartwheel Daughter

 There's my house, just over the rise in the hill ;)

I love this...the girls on the right chatting it up and the boys on the left, rolling, jumping, being crazy.

 Later, when it got dark, we set off fireworks in the yard. The kids loved this and of course so did I!

 And Baby found himself a man to be friends with. This kid cracks me up...he loves dads, men. The more intimidating, the better. Not a fan of moms and women, but just adores daddies! This was one of my Dad's friends, John, who was a very tall, huge, intimidating man. Baby ran right over, put his arms up and stayed glued to his side the rest of the night. lol

After the fireworks, a storm rolled in and there was some serious lightening and thunder. It made me understand why Garth Brooks used that visual in "Thunder Rolls."
When the lightening would crack it was as if someone turned on a light and the whole night just shone. It was really hard for me to capture on camera, but it was completely pitch black and then totally lit up. Here's a picture of it somewhat lit up.

Here's how black it was before

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