Sunday, October 2

Day Three

Ahh...back to Oklahoma.
See that pretty white house in the distance? 
That's my house.
Well, in my dreams, that's what my house looks like. 

This was a nice day. We really did absolutely nothing...just lounged around the house a bit, splashed a little, went for lunch at a great Mexican place right on the Arkansas River. The kids SWORE they saw an alligator in the river. I went with it ;)
After that we spent the rest of the day enjoying the lovely weather and the beautiful scenery.
My mom pulled out the mower and showed the kids how to do it and they had a blast! They were out there for a couple hours!

My parent's home from the front

Wild persimmon and pecan trees...and my house again in the distance




Then I said, "Oh Son, let's have a little photo sesh...

Wow...thanks Son for your cooperation!" ;)

Oh yah, work the camera, Son!

Then I heard crying in the distance...I looked up and:

Haha...she got scared when they hit a big dip in the ground, but I just loved those faces. ;)

My mom made this costume for me when I was three...and here's Daughter at five wearing it. Still a tiny bit big, but man did she love giving it a good twirl.

And Baby thought she was the fairest of them all 


  1. such great pics! Love the one of Daughters face on the lawn mower! BTW Love your house. hehe beautiful!

  2. what a Beautiful home! It's amazing how different the landscape is.

    Also - daughter crying on tractor - priceless. As is that Snow white dress. Cannot believe she still had it. So cool.



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