Tuesday, October 4

Can't Handle It

Seriously guys.
No love.
I give and give.
What do I get in return?
No thank you.
No waves hello.
No polite 'no thank you's'
Not even a little what's up nod in my direction.

I'm GIVING away a freakin' $40 scrapbook software program here, people! And I've already got a winner!! The person, the one and only person who managed to enter the contest and all the extra entries in less time than an episode of Friends. Yah. Not too hard guys. And don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her to win because she's a doll and I think she'll have fun with the program, but really?! Not a single other taker?

This may be the last giveaway.
Heck, you guys might have hurt me so bad I just may quit blogging.
Don't you feel bad now?
Oh, you don't?
Oh...you're clicking on to the next blog.

Well, if you change your mind and want to enter still, you still have a few days. And your chances are good. I mean extremely good. Like, visit Oklahoma and you'll probably see a couple sharing coffee on their porch over a rifle, good. Yup, that good.

Here's the post where you can enter.

Good luck everyone. Every ONE. :p


  1. :( Sorry friend. i don't scrapbook... THat's the only reason why i didn't enter. I hope you aren't mad at me... but I totally understand the wave hello. ;)

    I mean especially with giveaways.

  2. Hi Debran, it's Stephanie. For some reason when I am at work I can only comment as anonymous. I commented on the other post just now but I'll post on here too.

    I love to scrapbook and after looking through some of the differnt layouts they offer I liked the "Packing Up" one about moving. I couldn't find anything at Michaels with the moving theme and I really wanted one since Noah and I moved this year :)

    I also really liked the differnet letterings they offered because I am obsessed with having different types of lettering on my pages.

    I followed on Twitter, Liked on Facebook, and am now following the blog :) Which is fun because I only follow 3 people right now :)

  3. Aw man, I feel bad. Wow. Like really really bad. I dont scrapbook either. Thats why I didnt enter. But I do feel horrible. I think your awesome and what a fun thing to do for friends! You rock!

  4. I'm sorry. I didn't enter becauase I have been burned out on scrapbooking so I didn't want to risk taking it from someone who would really want it. :( I have shared the link though so other people see it.

  5. Doobie (can I call you that? Can I NOT call you that? I don't think I can not call you that.), just thought you should know that I check in on your blog every so often and always love love love what I find. It's been, what, more than a decade since I've seen your pretty face in person (though I did run in to your dad in the airport once while I was in college, I think) but I enjoy hearing what you and your beautiful family are up to and am often encouraged by your words--and also your struggles. It's totally not fair that I never comment because I think to all the time! Soooo yes. Thank you for sharing your motherly and wifely and Christianly journeys with me, your estranged middle school pal. love to you and yours.



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