Sunday, February 13

Why I Write

Someone recently asked me this question, "Why do you write?"

For me, it's as easy as answering why I breathe, or drink water, or wake up every morning.

I truly love to write. I write in a journal near daily. Sometimes the entries are little one or two-liners: an inspirational quote I heard that day, a funny quip from my toddler or preschooler, an idea or project I'd like to look into. Sometimes the entries are multiple pages: reflections on my time in the Scriptures, deliberate writing about a subject or a recounting of a day's events, or just random dumping, where the contents of my brain just spill out onto the paper before me.

I've always enjoyed writing. I love painting a picture with words or being able to make someone feel as though they actually lived through a story I am telling. I love being able to express myself about things I am passionate about. No one can interrupt you or discourage you while you are writing. Sure you can and will get negative feedback, but what you wrote is already out there.

I feel like I use writing as a way to organize myself also. I am absolutely a scatter-brained individual. I have my mind on a million things at all times! I don't think I ever entirely shut it off, I often wake up in the middle of the night and reach for my journal to jot down ideas that I've had while sleeping. I have a hard time focusing on one project, I end up getting so eager and generally have many different projects going at one time. When I write, I seem to be able to focus my attention and organize my thoughts.

When something is bothering me, I write about it. Sometimes it's just exasperated thoughts, sometimes it takes the form as a written letter or prayer to Christ. Any way I do it however, I find myself calmer, more collected and peaceful.

I love seeing the completed work. I love the art of writing, the flow, the rhythm. I love seeing everyone's different styles of writing. I love being able to record exactly how something was or just what someone was feeling at a specific moment in time. I often reread my journals and blogs and am often surprised at the wave of emotion that comes over me, whether it be joyful, amusing, or sad, it takes me to that day instantly. I remember everything about what was going on and what I was feeling when I wrote it. That is a priceless tool for me.

I need to write. I yearn to write. About everything. Also, about nothing. It is a part of me that will always be there. It is me.

Why do you do, whatever it is you do?
Write, paint, sing? What is it?

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