Sunday, February 6

Sweet and dare I say Sexy gift...

If you haven't already checked our How Does She, you MUST! One of my favorite blogs!! Great ideas for crafts, cooking, keeping up the kids, house and adding a little pizazz to your relationship. I don't really care for Valentine's Day, but after seeing these, I WILL be making some for Hubby. ;)

Warning...this post is a little risque and should be rated PG-13. But, it is darling and innocent enough! Enjoy!


  1. Love that site!! How cute are those cookies!!! I hadn't seen those yet!! :)

  2. SO, did you make the "racey" cookies? I think I am going to make them for a bachelorette party for my sister-in-law! :)

  3. I know, aren't they darling! Yes, Kati, I made them for my husband. I made five matching "sets," so ten cookies. It was so fun and so easy!



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