Friday, August 19


Cinnamon apple pancakes and' fave!

Baby requested a bowl of just powdered sugar, please. ;)

I don't make meals at my home with my children't "likes" in mind. I make meals that are healthy, varied and hopefully tasty. Obviously I don't purposely CHOOSE things I know they hate, but I figure if I always serve their favorites, they'll never try anything and never discover new flavors. So this meal was just that, a whole wheat pasta with roasted squash, onions and bell pepper, tossed with raw, chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic in olive oil and then sprinkled with feta. Son was gone for this meal, but Daughter and Baby were with me (who are both somewhat picky) and they lost their MINDS for this dish, much to my dismay. I was FULLY prepared for whining and complaining and kids going to bed on the hungry side.

Daughter loved serving herself and helped herself to seconds even!

Being so silly

Dinner: Success ;)

A little post dinner story time



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