Sunday, July 10


Cookies I made for a graduation party

 My van needed new tires so one day we squeezed all three ridiculously large carseats across the backseat of Hubby's Neon. Chya. I'm serious. That's why I took a picture.

 Waiting for Hubby to finish up at Home Depot...we played with the camera a bit. Hello! ;)

And peek-a-boo to you, Baby!

My family has a thing with silly faces

And then there was this tree...for some reason I just loved it. The leaves were so SHINY and green. I love green, it's my favorite color. And I just loved this tree. I'm easy to please.  lol


  1. having had a neon and knowing how small the back seat is I find this beyond hilarious. :)

  2. I just love your family... Every post you write is so sweet!! Maybe it's just cuz I know you. But no. Can you imagine a forth cat seat!!!???

  3. I like green too, it's good that you're easy to please. :)

  4. thats awesome about the 3 carseats. We just discovered we can do that with our Xterra and thought, "why did we get a mini van?" LOL You're such a great mamma!



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