Sunday, July 10

Day One

So I've decided to try to start the thirty day photo challenge that a few of my friends have started. Some are doing it on their blog, some are doing phone pics on their twitter, etc. I've decided to just stick with the blog. So I think mine will be more like a 30 week photo challenge, but oh well. I'll get to it when I do. ;)

Day one: Self-Portrait

This is me. The first thing that pops out at me are my crazy baby hairs. They never really go away. They stay really bad or just a little less bad. Ugh.
This is me being lazy. There's a basket full of people to pray for, a parenting book to read, craft scissors waiting to finish a project, a Bible to study...all these things gathered on one little table, waiting for me to get up and get going.
Another is the expression. The wrinkled forehead, serious lips, wide eyes...I don't know why but I ALWAYS get caught with this worried, anxious, or concerned expression. It's just me. And we aren't going to point out my eyebrows in DESPERATE need of a wax. Actually, I've been thinking about trying threading...anybody tried it? Yes, No? Opinions please?

This picture feels a little more comfortable to me. I am easily distracted. In fact, Daughter had told me something here and I just kept clicking to see what happened as I listened to her story. So this picture feels like me. Caught candidly, by me.
How do you like my crooked smile and eye? On MY left side, both my bottom lip and bottom eyelid go up just a smidge more than the right side. Which could be really disturbing if you read those science reports on how beauty is calculated...symmetry. Phfff....they don't know what they're talking about. ;)

So there you have it.
Hello world.

If you want to participate in the photo challenge, hop on board.


  1. Love the sarcasm - you sound like you just CAN'T WAIT to jump into this challenge.

    the first one... that is just cool. And yes I have baby bangs too, I have to hide them with real bangs but they still creep out...I heard it's from having kids? I dunno how that happens...

    About threading...Do it. It's what i've done for YEARS now. So worth it - it's not that painful. It looks better than a wax too.

    As far as symmetry - Ha! Screw that, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. make sure you check my facebook wall....we changed 2 of the days since it cant be done with our cell phone cameras. love the pictures lady, and eye brow threading is eh...i prefer wax.

  3. you are stunning. So beautiful.
    Christine turned me onto threading like 9 years ago and I LOVE it!!! I wish i could do it all the time, but they only have it in the mall and I never get to go to the mall.

  4. so glad you're participating! and i love the pics! great captures! oh, and i've never tried threading, but i wax mine all the time and i don't have a complaint ;)

  5. I went to the thresding place by Stater's and I loved it!! I didn't break out and get all SUPER SUPER red afterwards!! It hurt a bit longer than waxing does, but the girl was super fast. I will be going back to threading again over waxing! :) And my apologies for being so behind in reading your blog! ;)



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