Sunday, July 17

Beach Wedding

A few weeks ago, my cousin Eric vowed to be faithful and love his best friend and fiance of over five years forever. 
They had a beautiful wedding on the beach in La Jolla. It was right before sunset and the water was glistening, the sun was still warm and sky was a clear as glass, which is unusual for that area around that time. 
I didn't get very many great pictures...I was having a hard time figuring out how to shoot into such bright light and with the reflection on the water. Hmm... Ah well. 
I brought Daughter and left the boys at home since it was an evening wedding right on the beach, I thought it would be better for the boys to stay home and get a good night's sleep. Daughter had a fabulous time playing with her cousin Mia and dancing the night away. Literally. That girl danced every single song with the exception of the "special" songs, for hours. No exaggeration. I believe she danced for almost three hours straight. She wouldn't even stop for cake and I had to drag her by her dress to the restroom. It was so fun watching her!

Thanks Erica and Melissa for sharing your special night with us. We had a wonderful time. :)

My Date ;)

The groom, Eric and his brother, my other cousin Danny (who is wonderful AND single, ladies) and their close friend. My cousins (really my entire family) are quite the jokesters. Typical funny guys. So it was no surprise when the jokes and tricks started coming out. First up: Losing the ring right at the critical moment.
There was a moment, a gasp in the crowd when no one really knew if it was a joke or not. This picture is just a couple seconds after when they started pulling out and sorting through the many fake bling rings in their pockets. It was so hysterical.

Phew...he found it ;) lol

SO excited to be the new Mr and Mrs!!

Mia and Daughter

Racing on the grass. And yes, Daughter won. All the races. Well, she let sweet Mia win a couple. I have no idea how Daughter got so stinkin' fast, but she sure knows how to win a good foot race. ;)

The girls were just oohing and ahhing over Melissa all night. The first thing after "I do" was exchanged, Daughter leans over and asks if she can see Melissa's ring!! What?! Haha! Then when she did ask her to see her ring, she wanted to see her dress just a little bit closer and another minute or two. And then the shoes. She was dying to see her shoes. It was so funny!

Such magnificence

My Auntie, Grandma and Mom

The appetizer table set so pretty 

The girls, amusing themselves during dinner

Mia was not a fan of the sparkling cider 

Daughter, on the other hand, thought it was divine

Awful picture, but such a sweet moment. This is my Aunt Rosie. She was the mother of the groom. She brought white shawls for women who were getting cold and this was her wrapping it around my Grandma and leaning in for a hug.

After the Father/daughter dance, Over the Rainbow, it was time for another touching moment, the Mother/son dance. A little glimpse into my family dynamic. My Auntie and Cousin had a whole dance worked out for a very inspiring Guns 'n Roses, Sweet Child of Mine. 
Wouldn't have it any other way! ;)



  1. Oh such sweet pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful
    Time with family. The one with the ring is soooo funny! I could only imagine how nervewracking that could be!!

    But my favorite is the one of K drinking from the champagne flute.. It's ties up her personality at the wedding so well!

    Great Job with those sunset shots!! The one after the sun is down is truly breathtaking!!

  2. These photos are seriously breath taking, love the sunsets!

    What a nice wedding, La Jolla is beautiful



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