Saturday, May 21

Tulle Wreath

I thought I came up with this idea on my own, but alas, it turns out I did not. :( Oh well.

Daughter had this one tutu for over a year and had worn it at least 2 billion times. It was getting pretty ratty. As I started to throw it out, my ridiculously cheap frugal side came out and I decided to try my hand at making something pretty out of it for her room.

I scanned my craft table and saw a styrofoam wreath form I've had for ages. I untied all the tulle strips which were about eight inches long and cut from the tulle rolls in the wedding section of craft stores. Then I just tied them on to the wreath form using a slip not, the same way I had them on the elastic for the tutu.

I created a pattern and tied a big ribbon on to hang the wreath. It looks so cute on her door. I love it! It was just the right about of tulle, I believe it was about twenty yards of tulle from the spools. And the eight inches was the perfect length!


  1. you are so creative mama!!! xoxo

  2. way cuter :)

  3. This is so lovely and so cheery. Made me smile.
    following you now.

  4. Super cute! I cant wait to make one!

  5. This is adorable! I love it. Hopping over from a party. Off to look around a little. :)



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