Saturday, May 21

Gifts 464-525

Baby calling "Mama, Mama!"
Godzilla and Barbie playing in harmony
The smell of roses on the breeze through my living room window
Baking cookies
Cookies for a lonely neighbor
God speaking to my heart
Amazing Grace
Singing "In moments like these..." as I rock children in the night
Children as a reflection of self
Lessons through their reflection
Prayer in the morning
Picture frames, waiting for memories to fill them
Spin Pins
Garage sales
Trash turned treasure
Desiring less of here and more of Him
Cherry Blossoms
Bird's nests
Surprises for Hubby
Children's imperfect speech
Smiles from strangers
Preparedness for tomorrow
God's love shared
Each new breath
Color around me
Compassion from daughter
Playing outside
Believing without seeing
This list
Falling in love
This moment, time standing still
Absorbing grace
Hot tears
The feeling right before tears spill over your eyelids
Holding child close while praising Almighty
Never ending gifts...this list cannot, does not stop
late afternoon sunlight, glimmering from children's hair
Baby walking around searching for "Dada"
Bond between Father and son
Love of brothers
rustle of wind in trees
Stopping, the only way I can receive these gifts
Breathing them in, feeling them 
Heart skipping a beat in anticipation
Knowing there is change happening
Green tea with honey
Thank Yous
Hair swept across my face, tickling my cheek
Being overwhelmed
God in this place, my home, my chaos, my mess, my life 

1 comment:

  1. got chill reading this one.... the list is are blooming... and I love being right here to see.



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