Tuesday, May 17

Happy Birthday Baby

*NOTE: This was written on January 29th, a couple days after Baby turned one. I wanted to wait to post it until I got his pictures back. And then I just got...well...me. I just got sidetracked and distracted and didn't post it soon enough. Ugh. Anyway, wanted you all to be able to see it!

Baby, you make my heart sing.
You bring more light to my life.
I see God's loving mercies and grace in you each morning.

I cherish your chubby fingers and toes.
Your fat little face.

Your huge smile, wide across your face.
You have added an immeasurable joy to our family.
I pray each day that God will help me be the best momma to you that I can. That I will not disappoint you or worse yet, Him. I pray that you will seek Him and invite Him into your life. I pray that you grow to love Him and know how much He loves you.

Your brother and sister adore you.
Sister loves to hold you, calm you, take care of you.
She begs to change you, get you dressed, brush your teeth.

She brings you her favorite loveys when you are sad.
She is always there to make you feel better.
She loves to feed you.
Talk to you.
Talk about you.
She LOVES being your sister.

Your brother loves to play with you.
Show you things.
Take you outside.

Teach you how to play with toys and games.
He can always make you laugh.

He never batted an eye when you took such a liking to his blanket.
Grandma-mother made it for him as a baby.
But he was more than happy to pass it to you.
You ADORE that blanket.

Your brother always tells me that you're just a baby
every time I scold you for biting or hitting.
He reminds me that you don't know and that we have to teach you.
He loves you so.

When we drop you off at church, they call after you
not to cry, that we'll be right back.
They tell you to play with your friends and it will be okay.
They also always ask if they can stay with you
to take care of you.
It's so sweet.

You aren't walking yet, but that's alright.
You get around pretty quick, when you want to.
And you stand on your own. For a couple minutes.
Honestly, you're pretty lazy.
You are perfectly content watching the world go by
from your little perch on my hip.

Your baby blue eyes look around and seem to just soak it all up
maybe saving it for later.
But right now, we'll just watch.

You are talking a lot.
You say
 Dada (all the time), 
Cah-ca (cracker), 
Buh-Buh (bye-bye), 
Ha (Hi), 
Nuh-Nuh (Night Night), 
Do (Dog), 
Wah-wah (water) 
and Ba (brother's name).

You hate eating baby food now, unless it's the squeeze tubes. You really just hate someone feeding you (except yogurt).
You'd much rather feed yourself. You love oatmeal, toast, cereal, bananas, watermelon, peas, carrots, broccoli, pasta, potatoes, rice, waffles, pancakes, pb and j sammies, some nuts, applesauce, beans and CRACKERS.

You would truly try to live on graham crackers and Ritz if I let you. And you love Vanilla wafers too. You do not like dairy (except yogurt) and you do not like meat. At all. We always joke that you are Vegan. 

You ADORE your Daddy. He is your hero. You often crawl all over looking for him. The minute he gets home you are at his side. You stare at him and smile. You love to cuddle with him. You will wake up in the middle of the night just because you want him. It's precious. Adorable.

Baby, we love you so much. We thank God every day for every moment we've had with you. You are a gift from above and everyone who knows you loves you. You are so gentle, calm and mellow. You have a sweet spirit and a great personality. It is so exciting to see you turn one. 

We had a small birthday party with our family.

 It was a lot of fun.
We did everything on your schedule. We ate delicious food, bundt cake and opened gifts.

It was relaxed and sweet.
You were surrounded by all the people who absolutely love you to pieces. 

On your actual birthday (it fell during the week), we had a little party at a big indoor play place with all your friends. You wore yourself out playing with everybody.
We had sandwiches and cupcakes and again, you were showered with gifts. So many wonderful books and adorable outfits. 

You are one lucky boy to have so many people care about you so much.

Thank you for being such an incredible part of our lives.
We love you always and forever,
Momma and Dada


  1. few things....first of awesome pictures :) love your hubbys Goonies shirt, and I love how your little is the perfect mix of both the older kiddos...adorable.

  2. Awe!! Sweeeeetness! He is just adorable! You have such a beautiful family!!!

  3. So darn cute. You are such a great Mommy



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