Thursday, May 26


Everyone knows that I'm a choose your battles type of person.
What my kids wear on an every day basis to play or go to a friends' house, is NOT one of the battles I choose. I let them pick what they want to wear. Son usually doesn't care too much, so I still do pick a lot of his outfits. He just HATES collars. Daughter, on the other hand, is obsessed with choosing her own outfits. Sometimes they're fabulous, sometimes they are fascinating. They are ALWAYS something to write home about. Here's one of her recent outfits.

Dancing around

Kisses for Momma


  1. You two are so beautiful. I love it Kaelyn. Grandma Mother can not wait to see and hug you.

  2. she is so stinkin adorable... i love that you let them choose.

  3. Those kiss pictures are the most precious moments caught. You should cherish those, they are so beautiful :)



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