Sunday, May 1

Afternoons at Home

Tea Parties on the lawn

A little stretching
And Dolly too

Helping Baby walk
Having an ah-MAzing time on the swings

So proud that she can pump herself on the swings
Momma and Baby

Some action shots!

Whacked his head

Triple swing!

Their faces crack me up!
I think he was over

Such a good brother...pushing them all by himself!
This is to show his truly awesome haircut we had just gotten done. Wow. Hey there Lloyd Christmas. Yikes. It was so bad. We shaved it off shortly after. :)
Seriously. Terrible.
Bouncing all over the place


Even the dogs were having some play time.
Momma and Baby again

My little Koala bear...he just sits on my hip, all the time. Along for the ride, that little guy. :)

Momma being silly trying to make Baby smile
There's a smile!

We had such a great time on this particular afternoon...we played outside until we couldn't see anymore because it got dark. It was so fun...I am SO looking forward to those long summer nights outside. Just not looking forward to those long and sweltering summer days spent inside with the AC. :/
Ah, well. :)

1 comment:

  1. cute pictures :) looks like a fun day. ps-not such a great hair day for brandt but a fantastic hair day for you! Did you just get it done?



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