Wednesday, April 6

My Family

So I've been thinking long and hard. Ouch.
I've been thinking about this whole blogger business.
I love it. I love writing. I love the community and the interaction I have with people.
I love the feedback, even just the one or two here and there.
I love that God can use it for His glory.
I love that God can use my family and I.
So I've been thinking, praying, seeking.
I've decided to trust God and know that He will protect my family.
I've kept my family private for a while, and now I have a peace knowing that we are in His hands.
So here it goes.
For those of you that haven't had the complete and utter PLEASURE to meet my family...
Well you have no choice, it's my blog and I'm gonna bring 'em on out.
I guess you do have a choice. You can just stop reading, but I'll warn you now...
You'll be missing something great.
Some really fantastic peeps.
Some incredibly cute faces.
And some really odd facial expressions.
Here it comes...




The fam.

This was from the baby is slightly less chubby, but extraordinarily more cute, if that's possible.
Yeah, those are monster trucks in Son's hand.
You try taking them away.
He knows Kung Fu.

Aren't they cute??
A great photographer doesn't hurt any, either.
Check her out too!
Itsy Bitsy Photography

That's us. The Fam. Nice to meet you. ;)

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