Thursday, February 24

Daughter's room

So daughter has been begging and pleading with me for a "new room." I am finally entertaining the idea. So she and I looked at ideas online tonight for over an hour so I could get a good idea what type of room she had in mind. I was completely anticipating polka dots, princesses, fairies, Hello Kitty, butterflies, etc. You know, bright colors, bling everywhere hot pink and neon purple. Nope. She kept saying that the bold colored rooms were too bright. When we stumbled upon the next couple photos she just about lost her marbles as she oogled the screen. "Those are the most perfect rooms...Oh please, that is so pretty!" She even would take things and leave things in a picture: "I like that lamp with that bed and that wall with that curtain..." Oh my goodness people. What am I working with here?!

Anyway, check out what daughter has in mind for her room redo:

This one is her number one favorite. She kept pointing to pictures of beds with metal frames, particularly old ones. SO CUTE!

And she adores the color of the walls here along with the pretty netting about the bed and the glam slipcovered chair.

Emma's sassy vintage room, Sweet shabby chic roses accented with funky cheetah print make this room sweet and sassy! Vintage touches and a diamond painted wall with tiny roses create a combination of visual interest and a design that will grow with this little gal., handmade lampshade!, Girls' Rooms Design
She loves this lamp

By golly, my little one has fabulous taste! I would love my own room to be the way she seems to be envisioning! I will be looking forward to getting more ideas for this project :)


  1. a girl after my own heart!! Thats exactly how I would do a girls room!! Great taste!

  2. WOw! She's got style!! I absolutely LOVE the vintage look. I wish hubby would let me do something like that...he thinks he's some kind of master decorator around here. ;)

  3. Too cute, she has some great taste!

    P.S. Your blog is adorable and I love the name :)

  4. Hey DeBran! I sent you a message and then realized you had started another blog! So glad to be back in the blogging world--I always enjoyed reading your posts!

    Wow. Your daughter really does have great taste!
    We are expecting a little girl in April and I've thoroughly enjoyed buying all the frilly girly things!
    Maybe I'll take a few room decor tips from your little girl =)

  5. Im redoing my room and it is iin a vintage style. This has inspired me with new ideas for my room.

  6. Hi! My daughter has similar taste, and we got her a bed from Target which sells the same white metal beds that Company catalog does, for lots, lots less. We still had to save our change for quite a while, but we are really, really happy with the bed.



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