Monday, February 28

Gifts 46-60

The way salt and pepper compliment each other and the food they season. Natural markets like Henry's that provide a place to buy nutritious and natural foods that I feel confident about giving to my family. Watching my kids play pretend, pirates, dragons and princesses, having 
tea and building castles. I love watching their imaginations unfold before my eyes. The opportunity to teach lessons to my children and the blessing it is to me to watch them absorb and live what I teach them. Watching my kids talking to each other, getting to know one another and truly caring about what they have to say. Vanilla yogurt piled high with fresh berries, both tart and sweet. Son's rosy cheeks when he climbs out of bed after nap time. Phone calls from Hubby at work, in the middle of the day, just to say hello. The beautiful orange peel, shiny and glistening when the light from the kitchen window hits it. Lullabies to soothe my sweet babies into slumber. Handmade Blankets, knit by loving hands, warm and soft and comforting. Warm popcorn, freshly popped with a sprinkle of salt. Almond milk, cold and delicious. 


  1. I can't wait to see how Ethan and Emma interact as they grow up together. I'm looking forward to hearing their talks with one another.

    Ethan's cheeks are usually rosy when he wakes from his nap, too. I love it. =)

    Neat post!

  2. It was so great to read your comment! You're so sweet!
    Yes, I have a FB under Kari Berryman. Hope we can get connected that way too! =)



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