Thursday, February 17

Gifts 14-29

Today God gave me a lot of gifts:

Bubbles so that I could watch my kids and their friends laugh and play, marveling at the delicate bubbles riding on the breeze.  Friendship to cherish; another person to talk, laugh and be silent with...someone to like me for me and help me to see God's other gifts around me. Honesty to be able to speak the truth with those in my life and to receive the truth in return. Laughter, the melody of life. Makeup, revealing a creative side and a fun confidence. Rain to purify God's creation, washing away the dust and grime. Storm clouds tumbling over the hills and spilling into the valleys, making the air moist and cool, hiding the sun, yet exclaiming God's majesty. Hand-me-downs and the simple generosity and wisdom of them; sharing and reusing something rather than putting it to waste; and the only profit gained is gratitude. How lovely. Candles which fill our home with a warm and welcoming scent and cast their soothing glow across the walls. Scents, sometimes homey and comforting like warm vanilla cake and others light and clean like crisp pine and balsam wood. Whipped cream and Strawberries; a perfect balance of sweet and juicy from the berry and smooth and fluffy from the cream. Perfection. Lunch a splendid break in the middle of the day and a great time to sit and rest for a moment. Lunch is even better when prepared for or by a friend. :)
Soft knit Sweaters and the Cool weather, permitting me to wear them, keeping me warm and comfortable. My baby's cry, calling for me, assured that I will meet his needs and comfort him, drying his tears and holding him close. 

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  1. awww...i LOVE this! can i just copy and paste this as my gifts too? so great.



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