Wednesday, February 16

Vintage Toy Baby Shower

My great friend, Jessica, over at party love, designed and hosted this amazing baby shower with another friend for me last year. It was so darling! Feast your eyes! You can see more at her awesome party blog

for one of the games i did a guess how many blocks are in the jar (instead of the usual candy, etc).

i found this old bucket at an antique store as well...and i loved how so many things i found are it was perfect for the alphabet/number magnets.

i hung a bunch of lanterns over the center island where the food was served

i created a clothesline...i had found this collection at crazy 8 months ago.  i thought a slinky would make for a more appropriate clothesline. ;) haha.


cracker jacks for favors

a banner i made

i loved creating little sayings out of blocks around the house

i put together a toy tree.

the cupcakes :)

they were able to customize them for me.  i loved this detail.

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