Saturday, December 24

Happy Birthday, my King

Cinnamon Rolls: ready to be baked in the morning
Potatoes: Boiling for breakfast
Quiche and Fruit: Sliced and waiting to grace our table
Gifts: ALMOST complete ;)
Tree: Lit and sparkling
Advent: Completed
Lessons: Really, truly being learned this season
Birthday Cake and Candles: Ready for Baby Jesus' birthday celebration tomorrow
Christmas eve service: Missed due to Christmas colds ;/
Cookies, milk, carrots and reindeer food: Baked, poured, washed and sprinkled
Magic Key: Hanging on the door knob
Camera: Charged
Jammies: Christmas best
Story: Read and talked about Jesus being born in Bethlehem so long ago
Hearts: Being softened and molded, opened and filled with love, gratitude and joy for our King. The King we've yet to meet, the Baby who forever holds our hearts, the Savior of the world.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautifully put. We missed church too. :( so muh sickness- bleh. The only thing
    Missing from your post is pictures!!

  2. Quiche & fruit yum!

    Toy Story was the movie hehe!! Good job! :)



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