Saturday, September 3

Gifts 769-798

Happy Feet
Listening to my kids encouraging one another
scary dreams forcing me to pray through the night
Working on preschool activities with Son
Seeing his eyes light up as he learns
new schedules
giving up and admitting I cannot do it
seeking inspiration
Trader Joe's WOW enchilada recipe-- HEAVENLY
watching the birds outside in the mornings
hearing all about chinchillas from Daughter and Son
enjoying a few moments with hubby amidst the bustle of it all
hearing my mom's excitement over our upcoming visit
Daughter's Kindergarten teacher
Daughter's school and how much she is learning
Having the responsibility to teach my children about Jesus
Feeling tiny little kicks ;)
Baby's attachment to his crib and room
All the kids' love for books
pumpkin and pralines scent
knowing how much I don't deserve forgiveness
peanut butter and jelly waffles
packing lunches and love notes
Seeing Daughter make new friends
the leaves just starting to change color
waffle cones
haircuts at home- saving a little here and there
trader joe's coffee

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