Thursday, July 14


I am not completely a vegetarian. I'll take bites of Hubby's meat meals every now and again and sometimes, there's just not much else if we go out somewhere. However, I do eat vegetarian the majority of the time.

I hear people say things like they just wouldn't know what to eat or don't like veggies enough to be able to do it. Today I enjoyed what I ate so thoroughly it made me think of when people say those things. So I thought I'd share.

Breakfast: Strawberries, bananas and pineapple
Morning snack: Green smoothie
Lunch: Greek Salad and bread sticks
Afternoon snack: baby carrots with pesto hummus and sunflower seeds
Just because snack: Biscuit with raw honey
Dinner: Giant baked potatoes with bruschetta and artichoke hearts, broccoli and cauliflower, Mixed veggies on side
Dessert: Homemade zucchini bread and blueberries

Seriously, how could you NOT want to eat this all day?!
;) lol


  1. That menu sounds wonderful. I didn't eat red meat or pork for about 10 years but now I do eat some red meat but still absolutely no pork. Yuck!

    There are so many things you can make without meat. I do how ever love chicken.

  2. can you please just come cook for me? ;)

  3. It sounds really good Debran!! I wish i had the time/knowledge on how to make healthy food like this!

  4. Amy, I actually find that I spend a LOT less time preparing when I eat vegetarian. :) I bought a book called forks over knives and it has recipes along with lots of info on the benefits and reasons to avoid meat. The recipes are pretty simple! How are you doing away from FB? ;) I expect a blog post soon with all that extra time! lol

  5. That sounds really good, but what about protein? If I don't eat real protein i feel run down all day...

  6. Christine, I don't like to use protein supplements, so I use other sources. I've read a few studies that say that we actually consume way more protein than we need. Anyway, on this day my protein sources were bananas, kale and flax seeds in the green smoothie, some white beans in the salad, hummus and sunflower seeds (probably the best source in one shot, about 20 grams), the potato and flax seed and mashed beans in the bread. I used to be worried about my energy levels too, but I get more energy from the fruit in the morning than anything else. :)



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