Thursday, July 14

Quick Question

Do you think that God puts EVERYONE in our lives for a reason? Or are there just some that are going to pass by for no reason at all? Do you think it is our responsibility to seek and find out what that reason may be? What about the people that perhaps we would be okay with NOT being in our lives? Do we just wait until they disappear?

Just wondering what everyone thinks. :)


  1. ABSOLUTELY, everyone is placed in our lives to serve a purpose... It could be good, or bad, or to make us stronger, or to make us think? they could be there for support?? we may never find out what that purpose is, but it's definitely there... and no I don't think the responsibility is one-sided... and I also think there is a point in a relationship/friendship we may be questioning, where we need to make to choice to either keep fighting for it, or to just let go... and that is ok, we can't help everyone... ;) I answered your question for a half our, and then blogger ate it... :( argh... Oh well, maybe I will email you the rest of it to you!! ;) if I don't remember to email you, remind me to tell you how I learned this lesson the hard way once... ;)

  2. I truly believe that God puts everyone in our lives for a reason. I always try to find that reason. Sometimes its revealed years after you have met someone and they are no longer a part of your life, sometimes you know exactly why people are in your lives and how they enrich it everyday. In fact, that is one of my favorite games in life, to figure out why people are brought to me. Because I just know there is a reason. I'm thankful everyday for the people in my life and those I will still meet along the way. And I'm very thankful for you and our blogging friendship DeBran. You bring so much joy to me through your words and your open heart. I'm thankful for you everytime I read your beautiful thoughts. =)

  3. I agree with Maria. They may be there for a reason, but we might not know that reason. However, everyone has a reason! I totally agree with the fact that the relationship should not be one-sided. In order to have a friend one needs to be a friend. One person should not be the one doing all the work. Friendship should come easily and feel natural...not like you are running uphill just to keep it going. My thoughts.....a few days late....have not been reading blogs lately! ;)



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