Tuesday, July 26

Love this Song

I always find myself talking about this song...I simply LOVE the words. 
I always thought the first line said 
"scaled" not "skilled" and always thought it was such a 
comfort and relief to know that I was 
not created to understand the things of Christ. 
But that's not what it says. lol...that's okay, 
I still love it and will probably always secretly 
sing "scaled." Just because it reminds me that 
God is SO big and I am SO small and that's the way 
it should be and then I don't go crazy trying to comprehend His godliness. 
Oh and I discovered that this is really an old hymn from the 1800's and 
everyone knows I have a big soft spot for humns. ;) 
So now I love it even more! 



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