Tuesday, April 26

Coupon Abbreviations

One of the most confusing things to figure out is the other language it seems like couponers are speaking or writing. It can make it really difficult to figure out the deal breakdowns if you don't understand the abbreviations. So I compiled a list of the ones that seem to be the most common. I will update it when I come across more.

These are the abbreviations for the inserts in the Sunday paper. The inserts generally vary by area. 
SS- Super Saver
RP- Red Plum, sometimes called Valassis depending on area
PG- Procter and Gamble
GM- General Mills
KG- Kellogg
And sometimes there are coupons in the Parade insert

Some more Common abbreviations

B1G1 or BOGO- buy one get one
MIR – mail in rebate
RR – register reward (this is at Walgreens)
FAR – free after rebate
IVC - instant value coupon
ECB - extra care bucks (this is at CVS)
OOP – out of pocket
IP – Internet printable
MC or MQ – manufacturers coupon
- coupon
SCR – single check rebate (this is at Rite Aid)
WYB – when you buy

Next is a list of common terms 

Stack: to use two (or more) coupons together. For instance, a store coupon and manufacturer's coupon and in some rare cases a web coupon. I very rarely see the web coupons anymore, but have seen and used them before. These are different from Internet printable coupons.

Catalina: a coupon for $x off next purchase that prints with or at the bottom of your store receipt

Peelies: coupons that are found on the product. It is proper etiquette to leave these on unless you are buying that particular item.

Blinkies: these are little machines attached to the store shelves that dispense coupons. They usually have a small blinking light and are placed near the product for which they are advertising and giving coupons.

Tearpads: Coupons in a stack pad that hang on store shelves near the product. You just tear off coupons.

Hangtags: a coupon that hangs on a tag on the product (for example, a coupon hanging from the lid on a jar of hot sauce)

Like I said, I will add any I have forgotten as I remember or find them 
Hope this helps a little!

PS: I have no idea why half the text in this post is a different font and I cannot fix it. So eh, we'll just have to deal with it. I've been working on fixing it for a week. Even completely deleted it and started over. Still...issues. :/

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