Saturday, April 2


I hate Saturdays.
They are definitely my LEAST favorite day of the week.
Hubby works. All day. And late into the night usually.
Just me and the kiddos.
of course, that's nothing new.
I'm a SAHM, it's always just me and the kiddos.
But on Saturdays it feels different. Lonely.
It's boring and dull.
So I keep myself busy doing things that are usually done during the week.
We run errands.
But everywhere is packed with moms and dads and their kids running errands together. Or having lunch together. Or picking up steaks for the BBQ.
So we go home to clean the house, do chores, pull weeds.
And all the dads and moms and kids are outside, going on bike rides, washing their cars, playing baseball on the front lawn.
We don't call friends on Saturdays because almost everyone we know has a dad home on Saturdays.
Saturdays are family days.
Saturdays are a day of leisure.
And then, on some Saturdays, especially this time of year and through the summer, there are really fun events every Saturday.
City events for families.
Adult parties in the evenings.
Date nights.
Birthday parties.
So I load up the troops and go to these parties. These family events.
And they are fun. And the kids have fun.
And I get to see and talk to friends.
But I'm always just half.
MY friend is working.
I'm thankful he's working, but we miss him on Saturdays.
I miss him on Saturdays.
Sometimes, I just don't want to go to things without him.
Weekends, holidays, the times when most people are celebrating and relaxing. Those are the days when hubby is working.
Cooking meals for other families.
So that they can enjoy their Saturdays and eat a tasty meal together.
Sometimes I just get tired of always being just me at these parties and events. Sometimes I just want to be us. Not me. Us.
I hate always being the one of the only ones without my hubby.

Sorry for this post.
I know it's annoying and I'm whining and throwing myself a pity party.
I know.
And it could be worse, I do know that, and I am so thankful that I have a hubby. I have someone that works hard to take care of his family. And he comes home. He's not gone, risking his life overseas for months. His kids know him. I am so grateful.
So what if we don't have Saturdays. Or holidays. Or lots of nights.
We have Mondays.
I think we'll throw our next party on a Monday morning. ;) That's what works best for us. lol

Alright, rant is done.
Sorry to be such an annoying downer.
I'm done. I'm over it.
I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my Saturday with my kiddos.

So you take your Saturdays.
I've got Mondays.
Top that.


  1. I feel for ya girlie. my dad did, and still does work every weekend. you deserve a pity party :) but lets throw it on a monday so K can be there ;)

  2. i totally remember feeling this way when i worked at albertsons. i would be in the checkstand on saturday checking out all of the people picking up last minute items for their get togethers, bbqs, beach trips, family days. i used to be so jealous. it's definitely ok to feel the way you do. there is nothing wrong with missing your husband. xoxo

  3. I feel ya Debran! I work every other weekend when my husband is home, and the weekends that I am off, he is at work. And yes we have Monday mornings home together until 1pm usually, but still I always feel a little sorry for myself when I have to go to a bbq or bday party on a Saturday without him. Sometimes it's just plain stinks. But, like you said, he's got a job, and a good one, so I can't complain too much.
    Hope Monday is fun for you! :)

  4. Oh man!! I'm sorry!! you guys can always call me on saturdays... yogurt and the park after I get off work sounds doable... ;) I know how you feel though... saturday's "date" night... ;)

  5. let it all out girl! I know how you feel. We never have Saturdays either and when I wait on familys I always think how I wish it were ME being waited on and eating out with the family. I love how you said you got your Mondays!!! XOXO



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