Monday, January 31

Baby turns One

For baby's birthday this year, we decided to take things down a notch. We were going for intimate, simple, fun. The big kids both had big hoopla's for their first birthday and I was feeling guilty about not doing the same for Baby. But we had already decided that this year was going to be defined by something other than big, expensive parties. 

We had a dinner at our house with cake for just family, hubby's and mine. A few gifts, smash cake, etc. It was really nice and when all was said and done, we were so happy with our decision. The people that were there were people that just love Baby to pieces. The entire day was all about him and everything was at his pace. I was not stressed at all, not busy trying to get things out, ready, going, cleaned up, talk to all eighty people, entertain all thirty kids and still make sure birthday boy has a good time. Nope. It was all about him. Whatever he wanted to do, and when. There was one point during the party when I stepped back and watched as my Aunts were playing with Baby, and my cousins' kids playing with Son and Daughter and there was just this simple joy and peace throughout the whole thing.
A few days later, on Baby's actual birthday, I arranged a small party at an indoor play place for just his closest friends. That was small too, but still nice. The people who really wanted to be there were, with the exception of a couple friends who were sick :( He had a great time crawling around, playing with friends, eating sandwiches, cupcakes and whoopie pies.
 So all in all, I was really glad we did what we did.  

Baby's smash cake
I made a caramel apple bundt cake for the party and mini bundts for the kids.

 I love this looks like he's really checking out the book he got. ;) I requested lots of books when people asked what he wanted. :)

Cousins :)
Jessie and Q's

Q's and Auntie

And here's a couple pics from his actual Birthday.
Breakfast in the morning

 Son kissing Baby, thanking him for his gift. We started a tradition in our family that on the kids' birthdays, they give their siblings a "brother-day" or "sister-day" gift. Something small, this year Baby got Daughter a Barbie car and Son a mini Woody figurine. It helps teach them to still be mindful of each other, even when the day really is all about themselves. 

 Daughter and Son working hard to figure something out

 Mini cupcakes for my mini man :)

SOn and his friend, P, lounging around in the hammock. lol

Birthday Boy on the way home from his party, all tuckered out. 
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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