Tuesday, February 15


Ten exciting ordinary things that happened to me in the last twenty-four hours:

1. I made it through yet another Valentine's day. Or so I thought. Until I got in the car this morning and heard two billion people calling in to share their AH-MAY-ZING Valentine's stories. Ugh.

2. I played tickle monster with my middle child for almost an hour!!

3.  I lost my marbles at my oldest child. :( Then I researched how much therapy will cost in order for her to deal with her psychotic mother. 

4. I made white chocolate covered rice krispie treats. Mmmm... Until I happened to check out my waistline later. I think it's time for a change. Getting rid of all mirrors.

5. I got some exercise trying out our new stroller. Woohoo! Wait, does this mean there really is NO excuse anymore? Send it back. 

6.  I tried to get creative with my eye makeup. Apparently I still need a lot of work.

7. I went to bed early. I couldn't sleep. Instead I laid in bed frustrated that I wasn't getting anything done.

8. I finally got my hair done. I was looking tragic and my friend did it so it didn't hurt my pocketbook too badly. But now I look like a star! ;o)

9. I gave my hubby those sexy cookies I linked to for Valentine's.

sorry...I liked that wink face...this one's cuter though

10. I drank eighty-eight ounces of iced tea. Really.

And a bonus:

11. I finally perfected cocoa pops! Nope, not the cereal! Hot chocolate pops!! :) Well, they're almost perfect. ;)

What are ten things you did you do in the last twenty-four hours?

1 comment:

  1. We made the cocoa pop this morning!! SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!! :)And don't worry about losing it with the princess...I do it all the time...I feel it makes them a better person to be made to feel bad! HA HA HA :)



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