Saturday, March 16


I''ve been feeling a call on my heart. I think God wants me to share things in my life, but I really don't know why. And I don't entirely know how these stories can be used to help anyone, because I don't think I chose to react to the situations in the best way. And I don't really have a big amazing story as to what God has done with these dark spots in my story. I don't want to share things and have them just be seen as a plea for pity. I am still working through some of these issues also. So maybe I should wait until someday when i've seen the beauty that God promises from ashes? I am scared to be open and vulnerable. Especially here, on the world wide web. Where little to no one truly cares about you. I haven't even shared some of these things with some of the people who I've called close in my life. Although it seems that those close friends aren't always what I thought either. When is being open with everyone a good thing and when is it just putting on a show, creating a drama? 
I just don't know why. But I can't shrug the feeling. I just wish I knew why. What will come of it all?

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  1. Maybe nothing. But probably Everything! You never know who you might touch.. I feel that way when I write very personal posts.. And the crickets continue to chirp but God doesn't may not even want you to know who you are influencing. If He says to, do it. :)



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